From start to finish the project will be complete in 5 years and provide jobs to over 20,000 people.  The first Phase  will be operational in 12 months. 

For Our Employees:  We offer an on-site child care center - free of charge; an on-site fitness facilities - free of charge; membership in our own credit union; free transportation to and from work on renewable fuel powered buses; and a housing subdivision with assisted financing.

The Campus will include the following facilities:

M & K Headquarters

Transportation Hub

Restaurants/ Food Courts

Mushroom Facility

Hydroponics Organic Growing & Packing Facility

Greenhouses & Greenhouse Packing Facility

Frozen Food Processing Plant, Packaging & Distribution Facility

Water Treatment Facilities

Poultry Facilities

Chicken Parenting Farm

Chicken Hatchery

Chicken Houses

Chicken Processing Plant

Chicken Feed Processing Plant

Dehydration Facility

Grain Elevators

Bonded Warehouses

Bio Waste Treatment Facility

O2 Gasifier

Liquid Fuels

Syndiesel Manufacturing Plant

Syn Fuels Mixing Plant

Electrical Co-Gen Gasifier

Electrical Co-Generator Facility

CO2 Liquidation Plant

Fertilizer Plant

Bee Farm and Honey Processing Facility

Wood Procurement and Processing

Rock Crushing

Concrete Mixing Plant

Reservoirs and Fish Farms


Day Care Centers

Laundry Plant